I’m interested in what animals are capable of feeling and doing, and what this means for the sort of treatment that we owe them.

I’m currently involved in an FWF-funded Stand-alone project entitled ‘Morality in animals: What it means and why it matters.’ This project is led by Judith Benz-Schwarzburg and will have an estimated duration of three years. In this project, we plan to investigate the different forms, both positive and negative, that the moral capacities of animals may take. We also plan on mapping out the ethical implications of animal morality (you can check out our pilot study on this topic here).

In addition to this, I have been awarded a Lise Meitner scholarship on behalf of the FWF to study the concept of death in animals. This project will begin in September 2019 and take place over the course of two years. The research focus will be on whether any nonhuman species can understand death, and my ultimate aim is to contribute to the debate on the ethics of killing animals.

You can check out what I’ve written until now by having a look at my list of publications. In addition, here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • A paper on what it would take for animals to have a concept of death.
  • A paper on meaning in the lives of animals, with Judith Benz-Schwarzburg.
  • A paper on the role of touch in animal morality, with Birte Wrage.
  • A paper on moral individualism, with Herwig Grimm.
  • A paper on animal rationality, with Giacomo Melis.